Local Churches

These are the catholic churches in our community that our local members attend.

  • Christ the King Church
    2112 S Greenwood Ave.
    Fort Smith, AR 72901
    Telephone: (479)783-7745
    Fax: (479)783-7075
    EMail: ctksectry@christ-king.org

  • Immaculate Conception Church
    22 North 13th St.
    Fort Smith, AR 72902
    Telephone: (479)783-7963
    EMail: ic@icchurch.com

  • Saint Boniface Church
    1820 North B St.
    Fort Smith, AR 72901
    Telephone: (479)783-6711
    Fax: (479)783-7423
    EMail: stbface@aol.com

  • Sacred Heart of Mary
    1301 Frank St.
    Barling, AR 72923
    Telephone: (479)452-1795
    EMail: shom_sec@yahoo.com

  • Sts. Sabina and Mary Church
    14304 Old Jenny Lind Loop
    Jenny Lind, AR
    Telephone: (479)452-1795 (Barling)
    *Attended from Sacred Heart of Mary, Barling

  • St. Leo Church
    101 Locust St.
    Hartford, AR 72938
    Telephone: (479)783-7963 (Fort Smith)
    *Attended from Immaculate Conception, Fort Smith